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November 20, 2008

the birch across the pond looks
like white lightning against
the dark november sky


Through the Window
November 20, 2008

as the white snow blurs the
sky, one remaining maple
leaf shakes in the breeze

Little Man
November 20, 2008

he is a little man with even
littler ideas who believes he
is king in his imaginary world

A Meeting Poem
November 20, 2008

as this meeting refuses to end
i fantasize of finding an oil
covered screwdriver that i
could shove into my left eye

~it would be less painful~

Dog Poop
November 19, 2008

sitting on my front porch and having
a morning coffee i watch all these
people walking their dogs and bending
over with wal-mart plastic bags and
picking up their dog’s poop as fido or
princess jerk their owners because
they’ve already spotted their next
territory to lay another hot turd or two

as i lift my cup to my lips i shutter as
i try and imagine what those logs of
moist and mushy feces must feel like
first thing in the morning and know
inwardly that only the most perverse
individual could enjoy such activities
and not want to rush home and soak
their hands and fingers in a hot bowl
of chemicals that disinfect and purify

my coffee is going down hard and
a dog barks while their owner looks
up into my direction, beautiful morn
isn’t it, she says. i nod and say that
it sure is, all the while watching her
fold this steaming bag of crap in
her hands and stuff it into her jacket
and i think silently that i’d rather eat
a bowl of broken glass for breakfast
than to dig that bag of poop out of my
pocket when i got home from walking
the dog

Death of the Profession
November 18, 2008

as i listen to my peers worry over
resources that do not conform with
traditional bibliographic dogma and
as the sounds of their voices turn
to contempt and ridicule i realize
that i am bearing witness to the
death dance of a profession that
could not and would not embrace
change as the rest of the world
drank and gathered nourishment
from the electronic well of
knowledge and enlightenment

Self Checkout Lane
November 15, 2008

as the annoyed checkout girl grunts
while clearing another of my seven
mistakes i realize standing in another
line would have been much quicker

November 15, 2008

someone left the door of our
garage open and there are
as many leaves inside as out

On the Coming of Winter
November 15, 2008

once again autumn has slipped into
the first days of winter and i have
become entangled in the drifts of
un-raked leaves and unfinished
summer projects which i had every
intention of completing when the
sun was still warm and the daylight
was something that remained beyond
my drive home from work

Making Knives with Cai
November 14, 2008

on saturdays we head out into the
garage and breathe the thickness of
oil, smoking coal and hot metal as
we shape our blades from raw
iron on the grind stone and heat
our primitive weapons to the brink
of glowing blood and beat form and
individual personification with a
three pound hammer and muscle
and sweat and heat and at last the
final burning to be cleansed in a
pool of motor oil which flames and
offers the gift of temper to the life
we have given to steel