Archive for February, 2009

Blurred Sky
February 27, 2009

the evening sky is hidden by
the rude lights of our modern
world, and i long to see the
night sky of my youth which
seems further away than the
nearest dim and faded star


Honey Beer
February 26, 2009

the honey beer which slid
so smoothly past my dry
palate is now filling my
thoughts with anguish of
tomorrow’s improbabilities

Children Sleeping
February 26, 2009

as my children sigh in dreams
i lie awake, listening, and worry
of the possible futures which may
or may not embrace them

February Night
February 26, 2009

this february night is filled
with the scent of rain which
will turn to snow by morning
reminding me of a day long
ago when the snow filled sky
was filled with thunder

Night Sky
February 26, 2009

the night sky shines brilliantly
upon me as my diabetics eyes
search in vain to find the belt
of the hunter and the trails
of his traveling companions

Snow Blower
February 26, 2009

the snow blower which sang
so eloquently when being tuned
in the august heat now struggles
to breathe as my children finish
shoveling the walks and my back
and arms hurt from the effort
of failing to even manage to
blow three linear feet of snow

Daylight Savings Time
February 26, 2009

the very thought of turning
time forward by only an hour
is as arrogant and as wishful
as commanding the sun herself
to rise an hour earlier

February 26, 2009

as my wife backs the toyota out
into the morning sun, i ache to be
near her, even though it is only a
day of work which separates us
until evening

February 26, 2009

although i try to imagine my
children becoming responsible
adults, i cannot help but imagine
my role as the worried parent
being an eternal employment
opportunity from which i will
never be able to retire

Tending the Home
February 26, 2009

to own a home is as burdensome
as weeding the july garden in the
thick heat… rewards do outweigh
the work of the moment, but only
in the harvest which comes about
ever so slowly