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Homemade Chili
January 25, 2009

at the annual chili cook-off i debated
cooking up a can of hormel chili and
making a label that read “homemade
fish and peppermint chili” just to see
who would be brave enough to try it


January 24, 2009

while walking through the store i am
overwhelmed with the impression
that the staff has been selected from
the local mental institution and been
given instruction on becoming as
un-useful as is humanly possible

Soft Dad
January 24, 2009

even though her room is unsightly
and i’ve told her no friends could
sleep-over i cave in and say yes
as it seems the temper of my metal
is no stronger than lead when it
comes to opposing my daughters

Cold Night
January 24, 2009

the air is cold and the wind
feels like needles on this
bitter january night

Eye of the Storm
January 22, 2009

the burst of inspiration and energy,
after having slept through two days
of sickness has fled, and i am left
wondering if i mistook this moment
and it is but the eye of a hurricane

Thoughts of Worship
January 22, 2009

for ages untold man has looked to the
sky, stood next to the sea, or gazed up
towards distant mountains and has been
reminded of his almost insignificant
existence within the vastness of creation,
yet there has always been the sense of
belonging, of knowing that even though
the purpose may have been forgotten,
there was something greater which cared
so deeply that in his very act of living
there was always the sense of worship
being performed in the presence of
someone greater than himself

Of Trees and Runes
January 22, 2009

as the winter sun falls behind
distant trees and the snow
transforms into orange and
shadows, the bare branches
form runes from which the
ancients could divine the
coming and the passing of
this world and the twilight
world which we no longer
see and have forgotten

Lost Day
January 19, 2009

i’d planned so many little projects on
this day that was to be all mine yet
all that i accomplished was a morning
nap, some reading, two black cups of
coffee, and thoughts of my own without
tangible results or physical evidence
of my presense in being present in
this moment other than in the projects
that remain undone and unaccomplished

Leaving My Boy at University
January 19, 2009

i remember leaving him at pre-school
and his first day of kindergarten along
with his first sleep-over and that time
when he went to camp for the first time

and now as i drive off into the falling
snow i look back in the mirror and he
waves with his coat all pulled up and
his hair falling over the collar and he

smiles and waves and i know that he
is no longer the child that i left behind
all those times before as he has changed
and become the man he was destined
to become

Snow Fall
January 17, 2009

as the sub-zero temperatures rise
to a more comfortable level the
evening breeze brings a storm of
snow that falls lightly while my wind
chimes add music to this night