A Poem for Laura

November 22, 2016 - Leave a Response

in a special moment, long ago, we discovered
a path, and together we began our journey
a journey that has scaled mountain tops, at times,
descended into valleys both dark and deep

still, it has been a journey made together
one that only lovers could survive, unharmed,
somehow becoming stronger, closer, and deeper
in love because of the trials fought together

if I could, I would pick you up in my arms
and carry you back to the beginning and
choose that same path, that same journey
and know that together we find happiness


Evening Walk

September 26, 2009 - One Response

holding her hand tonight as
we walked into the coming
darkness i remembered back to
that night twenty-two years ago
when we held hands for the first
time and started our journey
as two who would weave a life
together and become one

On Turning 46

September 26, 2009 - 3 Responses

as the night passes and i grow
into another year i think back to
my childhood and remember
wishing to be as i now am and
yet each passing year brings a
longing for the days long set
when that boy lived in what
seemed to be an eternal world
of innocence and dreams

The Hunters

September 26, 2009 - Leave a Response

delicious plays with her prey which
squeaks thinking it just may escape
but roger interrupts and wastes no
time in turning her game into a meal

Morning Meal

September 26, 2009 - Leave a Response

a raven flies ahead of me carrying
some disgusting furry meal looking
with disgust at my having disturbed
his morning banquet upon the road


September 26, 2009 - Leave a Response

the half moon and jupiter hide
behind the coming storm as the
winds blow through the night
this first saturday of autumn

First Day of Autumn

September 23, 2009 - Leave a Response

hazy fog covers the morning sky
with thick rain hidden behind the
west wind brings a chill as the season
turns once again into days which
grow darker with the setting sun


September 23, 2009 - Leave a Response

as the family slips into bed and
begins their night of dreaming
i sit in the garage for a smoke
and listen to the crickets sing
praises of the coming autumn

Blurred Sky

February 27, 2009 - Leave a Response

the evening sky is hidden by
the rude lights of our modern
world, and i long to see the
night sky of my youth which
seems further away than the
nearest dim and faded star

Honey Beer

February 26, 2009 - Leave a Response

the honey beer which slid
so smoothly past my dry
palate is now filling my
thoughts with anguish of
tomorrow’s improbabilities